Hello there and welcome to my video page I am excited that you’re here to watch and share with me. If you are here you were either brought here by DIVINE or were probably moved to do so via a posting here.

Maybe your here because you already saw a video of me, and more than likely because I asked you to. Visit if you were moved you May have seen the video from you earlier today, or you belong to a group that I’m in and I went ahead and decided to make a posting to direct you do this website for more information about the who and all and what I am. 

It’s a privilege to be here!!!! I’m freaking wacky, I’m really really weird but there’s a reason behind it there’s a big story behind me who I am and it’s taking a journey-this long for me to come to the realization!!

I’ll glad to be here and realize.... it’s time for me to share my story. 

So that is why I’m here I’m here to share my story to enlighten and empower you to make you realize that we are all part of the collective love. We all come from the same LIFE FORCE. We are the collective light we are the immense of LOVE!

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