The Joy of Summer!

I absolutely love when the end of Summer arrives, it gives hope to all the things that can be for the season. I especially love when summer also begins to come to a close for two very distinct reasons. One it reminds me that Italian plums are coming into season. It’s a definite earmark to a change in season. You know that when the Italian plums show up fall is quickly nipping at the heels of summer.
I love that I get to share with you a recipe that a dear friend of mine has from her mother. I have known Debby for more than 25 years and over this time she has become an amazing cook. In fact she has her own brilliant food blog called "a feast for the eyes". I highly recommend that you stop by and take a look because you will find a myriad of quick easy delicious and overwhelmingly beautiful photos of food that just makes you think wow!
I thing is that Debby always makes it accessible and easy and makes you believe that you two could create the same things that she does. So today I decided to give it a try. I’m not gonna go over the recipe but I will share that I made some deliciousness. You can find the recipe for what I made here.

My secondary favorite reason for this time of year is because I get to celebrate me! Yes today’s my birthday and 54 years ago I came into the world at 1:50 PM. It’s a joy to be here with you to be on this amazing journey of life I appreciate that you take time to read and just to share in my life. I value and appreciate everyone of you who you are and what you represent. Right blessings as we go into the next season, think about all the things that you might want to do, oh in new Moon blessings to!

Going forward after the 31st of August, I will be moving to this platform for postings, and will be spending less time on Social Media in the form of FB.  I just am needing to take some time away.  Not sure how long, but time to focus on things that are important to me, and I hope important to you.  I trust that you will stop by as I look forward to sharing more MAGICK with the all of you.
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