My 1st Group Reading, Thank you!

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Thank you for stopping by and taking some time to take some time.  We all have busy lives and I never want to waste your time.  This week and with all this new energy in me, I decided to do my FIRST public reading.  I would love to hear the feedback from you and if anything seemed to resonate.  To my SISTERS in TFRL, WOW,how much have we grown this season.  I can't believe the bounty that is before us the work that has been done and the immense amount of GRATITUDE that is shared by all in this SACRED Space of community.  We are GODDESS each of us, we need to ignite that within us to fuel the fire that will bring the warmth of Summer to our Chests.  We need to feel Goddess for she is in us!  Therefore, #YOUareENOUGH!! 

The audio file is on the IMAGE above you can "Click" and listen and look Or you can click here! I was having issues with a video recording and wanted to get this up before the week begins soon!  Thank you and your feedback is appreciated!!!!

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