I believe in miracles!

I believe in miracles I truly do I always have and for good reason! As a young child each and every Sunday morning I would have with unbridled anticipation and excitement of the desire to get up and watch the TV show "I believe in Miracles" with Catherine Coleman! It was each and every Sunday morning without haste and deep deep desire. IT was if we were connected in a very very powerful way. I remember her flaming red hair and her stature and the very POWER she possessed!!! Each time it filled me with excitement to pose and say with her the powerful words….she would speak and minister and I just remember being all rolled up and enthralled with her and what she was capable of. All the really really incredible stories she would tell, and she made me believe in miracles! She made me believe in the POWER!!!!

Well today a miracle happened I was gifted with an amazing truth I encourage you to go to My website and take a look and see just what I made out of and who I am!

I LOVE people and I’m weird and quirky but that excites me about myself and I don’t want to be any different and I LOVE my AUTHENTICITY!!! What I love MOST is I know how to make magic happen!!!! So thank you for taking the time to read and join me and who knows maybe join me on this journey... we might be surprise for you enough!
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