So it’s taken me a while to come to the place where this reckoning could occur.

I’ve spent the last season of the CROHN doing much shadow work along with some deep inner investing on self. Learning and practicing the art of SELF care and self-love. All to bring me here, to get me to this place that I am now.

After months of deep meditation, prayer, and soul searching, deeply calling into my heart all along questioning my very soul. Though when Goddesses are brought to you and put in your path, and they hold signs and TRUTHS in words and and monograph… you have to heed the call. It’s now my time to step into my role. I am to come into my calling in the awareness of the reason I’ve been sent to come here.

I’ve decided to step into this authenticity of who I am... because I don’t NOT want to never deliver a very important message of LOVE! I am here to share LOVE and to help you understand that LOVE is what we all come from.

So I trust if you are called that you may join me on this journey of exploration as we learn about the Tarot but we also learn more about ourselves….the POWER of the all of who we are and the realization of the power we all truly possess. We are all GODDESS!!! We all derive and come from the same source, we are all LOVE and when we recognize that we will change the world!


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We are all GODDESS...

Join me on this journey of exploration as we learn about the Tarot.

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