I love Tarot, not just for the symbolism in the cards but where it takes us in our lives.

I love the learning and the sharing that comes from the cards. How one is able to help others and give direction and insight, using the cards as a tool of divination.

It's always interesting and exciting to share knowledge with others, to grow in practice and find out more and how we really are all connected in some way or another. Seeing folks through difficult times, along with celebrating milestones with them too is an honor and a blessing. So much to learn, share and grow from on this journey that we are calling life!

In the past year, I have taken a big leap in my practice and self-love journey. I have decided to step into this authenticity of who I am... because I don’t not want to never deliver a very important message of love!
I am here to share the love and to help you understand that love is what we all come from, when we surrender to the experience of it and what it offers, you will be transformed.

Thank you for stopping by. I trust if you are called that you may join me on this journey of exploration as we learn about the Tarot while we also learn more about ourselves. The understanding of the power of the all of who we are and the realization of that power we all truly possess.
We are all from Goddess, she is a part of us!!!

We can all smile and know we come from the same source, we are all LOVE and when we recognize that in one another, we have then the power, we will change the world!

Love changes EVERYTHING!!!

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We are all GODDESS...

Join me on this journey of exploration as we learn about the Tarot.

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